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What is The Perfect Bite?


On of the most influential "food people" in my life was my stepmother Mama Susan.   Mama Susan was a great cook, restaurateur, cookbook author, gracious host, colorful personality, hearty eater and general gustatory warrior.

Mama Susan used to talk about "The Perfect Bite" which is that one, extra delicious morsel in any well prepared meal. It is the bite you gently shepherd around your plate, adding and removing elements, waiting with self - imposed longing for the right moment to scarf it up.  (Is it possible to covet something that is already yours? If it is, that something would be the perfect bite.)

Generally the perfect bite will includes multiple tastes or elements of the dish.*  A bit of the protein and veg, just the right amount of rice and sauce, a tiny, perfectly curled shrimp and a morsel of bacon... etc.

Some people consume the perfect bite first.  Others have it somewhere near the middle of the meal. Personally I usually save it for last, as I want the meal's splendor to linger on my taste buds.

Those in search of "the perfect bite" generally cook as well as eat, and many are also recreational cookbook readers, hence the cookbook store.

* I find it sad when people eat all of one thing, and then all of the next. They seem to be missing the point.




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